Two perks that come with having fresh flowers in your home

Here are a couple of perks you could experience if you start keeping fresh-cut flowers in your home.

The flowers will add a beautiful, natural fragrance to your home

Most people want their homes to smell good. However, this is not always easy to achieve, as whilst there is a plethora of artificially-scented candles, plug-in air fresheners and bags of potpourri available in many shops, not everyone can tolerate the chemicals in these products, and some people not only find them overpowering but are actually allergic to them.

If this is an issue in your home, then you should consider keeping bouquets of fresh-cut flowers in its whiffiest areas as well as the areas in which visitors are most likely to spend time (such as your living room). The reason for this is that many fresh flowers, including roses, gardenias and lilacs, have a scent that is similar to that of perfume and that can not only mask mildly unpleasant odours but also make the rooms they're in smell fresher and more beautiful.  However, their fragrance is not too intense, in the way that artificial scents can be, and will not be an issue for those who are sensitive to synthetic air freshening products.

The flowers could distract from your home's flaws

Most homes have a few aesthetic flaws. If this is true of your home and these flaws bother you but are not things that you can currently fix, then keeping fresh flowers in your home could be an effective way to keep visitors' attention away from your home's imperfect areas. For example, if there are lots of cracks or stains on the wall tiles in your bathroom, putting a big, beautiful bouquet of multi-coloured flowers on the bathroom vanity or windowsill will mean that visitors who use the bathroom will almost certainly notice (and appreciate the gorgeous scent of) these flowers, rather than the imperfection of the wall tiles beside them.

Similarly, if the carpets and walls of your home are quite dull in colour and make the interior seem drab, but you cannot paint the walls a brighter colour or replace the carpets at the moment, you can use fresh flowers to make your home more colourful. The colour of the petals of fresh-cut flowers tends to have an intensity and a beauty that dried or faux flowers cannot quite compete with, and so are an excellent choice for brightening up a dull-looking home interior.

For more information on flowers, contact a professional near you.

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Here are a couple of perks you could experience if you start keeping fresh-cut flowers in your home. The flowers will add a beautiful, natural fragran

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