What Goes Into the Best Kitchen Designs?

All kitchen renovations are different. Even two neighbouring properties with exactly the same sized rooms will have very different kitchens once they are refitted. This is as much to do with the lifestyles of the owners as it is to do with the physical space that might be available. However, one thing that all of the best kitchens have in common is that their design is uniquely considered. In short, the more thought you put into kitchens at their design stage, the better they will be once they are installed. If you are considering a kitchen renovation project for your home, then what should be at the forefront of your mind before ripping out the old one?


Not all renovations require remodelling work, but some will benefit from them considerably. Remodelling means moving the internal structure of your property around so that it works better for you. In some cases, it might be as simple as adding a serving hatch into an internal wall. Some projects require entire walls to be moved or even removed to make the kitchen larger. There again, you might add a larger window or a glazed door to let in more light. Think about what you'd gain from remodelling your kitchen before proceeding with the design.

Bespoke Kitchens

Although many kitchens look perfectly good with standard units, you can do so much more with a bespoke design service. Often standard units don't make the best use of the available space whereas a fully tailored construction will mean you can get the exact dimensions you want for cabinets, work surfaces and island units. Remember you can still add standard appliances to a bespoke kitchen layout, so the cost need not be excessive for this sort of premium service.

Lighting and Electrical

Refitting the best kitchens does not always mean focussing on the kitchen elements alone, for example, where the fridge, sink and oven will go. You should also think about how you will interact with the room, in particular where electrical sockets and light fittings will go. Many people use their kitchens for entertaining nowadays so ambient lighting from LED fittings will often feature in modern kitchen designs these days. You will still want bright light you can turn on and off when you are preparing food, however. Get an expert lighting designer to oversee such work and you will notice the difference. Kitchen designs that don't focus on light tend to look drab even when they are relatively new.

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