3 Creative Ways of Using a Retractable Awning in Your Home

Retractable awnings are versatile coverings used to provide outdoor shading throughout the year. Although they are commonly found in storefronts and coffee bars, awnings also have practical uses in residential homes. You can use them in your backyard or patio to extend living spaces and block the glaring rays of the sun during the day. Below are three creative ways of using retractable awnings and tips for improving their performance.

Backyard entertainment area

Patios and backyards are great spaces for outdoor entertainment. However, they are only usable when there's favourable weather. It's hard to enjoy an outdoor lunch in the summer when the afternoon sun is scorching your skin. A retractable awning is a perfect structure for converting your backyard or patio into an entertainment space.

Modern awnings come in various sizes, with some measuring over 15 metres in width. They can extend around five metres from the attached wall, making them ideal for covering a large area. Thus, you can invite friends and family for outdoor brunches and lunches without worrying about the glaring midday sun.

Outdoor home office

Remote working is becoming a popular trend among employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers. However, working from your indoor home office can be tiring and monotonous. Moving your office to your patio can be an excellent way of breaking the monotony. Furthermore, a change in scenery can boost productivity and efficiency. 

If your patio isn't covered, a retractable awning provides the perfect shade for the space. It blocks direct sunlight, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable working environment. Awnings also allow you to work outdoors during a rainy day. If you plan to use your outdoor office in the evenings, you can install lighting to light the workstation.

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are great for entertainment. You can set up a bar, barbecue area and sitting area for your family. However, if the kitchen doesn't have a covering, it may be unusable during times of unfavourable weather. A retractable awning can act as a permanent or temporary covering for your outdoor kitchen area. Since awnings come in various sizes, you can always find one to cover the entire entertainment area.

When installing a retractable awning over your outdoor kitchen, pay attention to its height. Install the covering at a suitable height and angle to protect the structure from grease and stains. This is important if you intend to use a grill under the awning. Also, choose an awning with rain sensors. Sensors enable the covering to automatically retract when it starts to rain to protect your kitchen appliances and outdoor furniture.

Awnings can increase the usability of your outdoor spaces and encourage you to spend more time outside. If you're thinking of purchasing an awning, contact a local home and garden supplies provider.

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