Three Signs That Your Shade Sails Need To Be Replaced

Shade sails are a great way to provide a comfortable, outdoor environment everywhere from a school playground to your own backyard. Many thousands of Australians have already found the benefits of shade sails to be irresistible and have installed them, sometimes in multiple places across their property. But shade sails, just like anything else, will age quite quickly when put outside in the harsh Australian environment. Here are some signs that your shade sails need to be replaced with modern, more durable, shade sails before they break free and damage your property further.


Mould is always a good sign that fabric is not standing up to the environmental pressures as well as you would like. Not only does mould weaken the actual integrity of any fabric or rope that it spreads its way through, but it can get children and adults alike sick if it comes into contact with them through water or in the air. If you see only a small portion of mould then you might be able to call for repairs but, if the mould has already worked its way through the bulk of the supporting ropes and the fabric of the sail itself then it is time for a replacement.

Obvious Sagging

Shade sails are supposed to be fastened quite tightly between all the supporting poles, and will only start to droop or sag once the ropes and fabric start to get stretched out over time. Having sagging shade sails presents a few problems, including: 

  • If your shade sail is waterproof then it will start to collect pools of water on the top, which can become quite disgusting when the sun comes back.
  • It does not cover the same area it did before, so children can accidentally start playing in the sun.
  • It is not as visually appealing. If you are a school or a business trying to attract families and children to use your facilities then an old, droopy shade sail will not be enticing.

Starting To Become See-Through

Older shade sails do not have the same, strong construction and combination of synthetic materials that newer shade sails have, which means that the top layers can get worn away over time. Luckily, all these problems are only concerned with the shade sails themselves, not the more expensive supports. Replacing shade sails with a new one is easy, cost-effective and a complete fix to the issues at hand, so there is no reason not to do so before summer kicks back into gear. 

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