5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Roof Insulation

Is your roof insulation no longer doing its job? An uninsulated home loses up to 25% of its energy through the roof. If your insulation isn't working as it should, you could be losing a similar amount of energy through your roof. This will mean that your home is colder in winter and hotter in summer.

But how can you tell when the time has come to replace your roof insulation?

1. Your Air Conditioners Are Less Effective

If your air conditioners no longer cool your home as effectively as they once did, one possible cause is faulty insulation. Any holes or gaps in your roof insulation will allow the air that is supposed to cool your home to escape through the roof.

2. Certain Bedrooms Are Colder

Another surefire indication of poor roofing insulation is one or more bedrooms rooms being colder than other bedrooms. Is your bedroom freezing at night, while your child's bedroom is like a sauna? Then it's possible that the insulation above your bedroom has begun to fail. This means that much of the heat in your bedroom is escaping through the roof, leaving your room feeling chilly.

3. Water Has Leaked Through the Ceiling

Insulation isn't meant to be wet. Water can damage insulation and cause mould to form on it. If this mould then spreads, you could soon be breathing in harmful mould spores. Not only that, but your roof insulation will soon stop working as it should. As such, if a recent storm caused water to leak through your ceiling, you'll need to repair your roof and replace your insulation.

4. Your Home Is Freezing in Winter

If your home seems colder than usual, especially during winter, then much of your home's heat might be escaping through the roof. Your insulation might be old and worn or damaged in some way.

5. Pests Have Infiltrated Your Roof Space

Have you heard the telltale signs, such as scratching and squeaking, of rodents up in your roof space? Then it is highly likely that those pests are currently using your insulation material to build their nests. Not only that, but they have probably urinated and defecated on the insulation material as well.

And if your home has started to become hotter or colder than usual, then your rodent squatters have probably damaged your roofing insulation. This means you'll need a pest control expert and a roof insulator.

Is your roof insulation in need of replacement? Then seek out a roof insulation service before your energy bills skyrocket.

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