Window Security: Bars or Screens?

Windows and the garage are perhaps the two most common points of entry into your home for intruders. This is why it is important for your windows and garage door to be as secure as they can possibly be in order to make it as difficult as possible for an intruder to break in and enter.

When it comes to beefing up the security of residential windows, security screens and burglar bars are the two options most readily available. Here are a few reasons why security screens are a better choice than burglar bars for residential windows.

Uninterrupted Views

One of the main differences between window security screens and burglar bars is the fact that security screens are often designed with a hinge that allows for their operability. This means that the security screen can easily be opened outwards or to the side depending on its architecture. For this reason, the installation of window security screens will not necessarily interfere with the scenic views outside your window.

Because burglar bars are installed as permanent fixtures that are not operable, their installation is bound to interrupt the views outside. Therefore, security screens are the way to go if you want enhanced security without having to compromise on the scenic views.

Security and Safety

Another significant advantage of window security screens over burglar bars is that security screens also double up as safety screens. As much as you want your windows secure, remember that the windows are usually used as an emergency exit in the event of a fire or a similar calamity.

The fact that burglar bars are not operable means that their installation makes it impossible for you to use the windows as an emergency exit. With a good quality security screen, all you would need to do in the event of fire would be to open the window and swing the screen open in order to use the window as an emergency exit. Therefore, window security screens are safer to have than burglar bars.

Greater Aesthetics

Burglar bars and grilles stand out from the rest of the window structure once installed. In contrast, window security screens blend in well, and they are less conspicuous than burglar bars. Therefore, security screens are considered to have higher aesthetic value on residential windows than burglar bars.

These and many other reasons justify the extra initial cost of window security screens as compared to that of burglar bars.

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