3 Tips For Creating A Beautiful New Kitchen On A Budget

Kitchen renovations are arguably one of the most exciting and impactful home improvement projects. The modern kitchen is the heart of the home, and with the popularity of open-plan living, it is also the hub for family and social activities. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the more costly projects you can undertake when improving and modernising an older home.

You want your new kitchen to look amazing, and you also want to stick to your budget. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can keep your costs down and still have the kitchen of your dreams. Here are three tips for getting the best kitchen you can within your allocated budget.

1. Buy wholesale

When you buy a kitchen from a high street kitchen store, you're paying for their profit margin as well as your kitchen. You can avoid this and save yourself a considerable amount of money by buying from a wholesaler instead. Buying wholesale can mean buying directly from the kitchen manufacturer. It can also mean buying from a business that stocks large quantities that allow them to sell their product for a much lower price. Contact kitchen wholesale businesses to learn more.

2. Opt for budget alternatives

Like the fashion industry, interior design trends change from year to year. It's natural to want to choose contemporary and stylish fittings, features and materials for your new kitchen. However, it can also make your budget soar out of control. Instead, look for the budget alternatives for items to get the same look for a lot less.

This idea is great to apply to items such as door handles, light fittings and tapware. Buying less expensive versions of high-end products means you can update them in a few year's time when your tastes and interior design trends have changed. 

You can also replicate the look of more expensive materials with less expensive options. For example, you can choose metal-plated tapware instead of solid brass or copper. You can also replicate the look of expensive natural stone, such as marble or limestone, by choosing a more cost-effective material such as manufactured stone or contemporary laminate.

3. Recycle where possible

Another great way to save money on your new kitchen is to recycle as much as you can. Items such as cabinet carcasses, cupboard doors and sinks can be re-used if they're structurally sound, and they may only need a little cosmetic work to look like new. 

You can also integrate older yet functional appliances, such as the fridge and dishwasher, instead of replacing them. You can buy special paint that will give them a makeover, or disguise them by adding doors that match the rest of your kitchen cabinetry.

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