3 Essential Fire Safety Regulations for Your Business Premises

Fire safety is critical in any business setup and should be given the highest priority. All fire equipment must comply with federal government regulations. Besides, there is a need for regular fire equipment inspection, testing and servicing by accredited firms. Additionally, your business premises must comply with fire safety regulations since non-compliance can lead to legal problems and hefty fines. 

The following are essential fire safety regulations in Australia that you need to be conversant with, especially if you own business premises.

Annual Fire Safety Statement Assessment 

If you own a business premise, you are required by law to provide an annual fire safety statement to the council, confirming the proper function of your fire safety equipment and strategy. All your fire equipment and the entire building must undergo thorough check-ups every year. After the certified risk assessment firm completes the assessment, the council grants you an Annual Fire Safety Certificate.  

Always make sure that your business complies with all fire safety regulations to receive the annual fire safety statement. There are different types of certifications offered, depending on your council's jurisdiction. Also, keep in mind that failing to get the statement can be punishable by law.

Annual Fire Safety Certificates are compulsory. They apply to both new and renovated building structures.

Fire Safety Schedules

A fire safety assessment firm must furnish you with the necessary fire safety schedule certificate. It can either be after the issue of Complying Development Cert. Class 2-9 Fire Safety Order or a Development Consent Construction Cert. The fire safety schedule lists the necessary equipment you should install as well as the standards by which the equipment should comply. A relevant council or an accredited firm can issue the schedule.

A basic fire safety schedule features a couple of columns. It can also be more complicated if your business premises include advanced solutions and measures. It can list some of these measures as critical, which may require additional certification.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to note that fire safety schedules and Certificates are not mandatory in some parts of Australia. Also, this applies if your business premise was constructed before 1 July 1988 and has never had any alterations, remodifications or any issued fire safety orders. Moreover, your primary responsibility is to ensure the excellent working order of your fire safety measures.

To learn more about annual fire safety statements, contact a company that will help you get one.

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