Choosing the Right Shutter

Shutters can be used inside and outside buildings. The types of shutters available include roller and plantation. The shutter that you choose will depend on a number of factors, such as appearance, location and use.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters can be used for windows and doors, including doors that slide open and corner windows. Roller shutters can provide total darkness when fully closed. They are typically made from aluminium which is a strong and long-lasting material. They can be coated to create protection from environmental elements such as wind and debris created in storms. Additionally, they can block UV rays and ember produced in bushfires.

Roller shutters can include a core locking system which makes it very difficult for intruders to enter your property. Furthermore, the angle of the slats in the shutter also help to protect from intrusion. Roller shutters can create a level of soundproofing for your property.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters can also be used for windows and doors. They are typically made from a material that resists water and heat which provides reduces the risk of cracks and peeling. They are a good option for insulating your property as they generally include a foam material. They can be used for different structures, including bay windows and protruding windows. They can also block light when fully closed. Plantation shutters can include a key locking system which can provide extra security for your property.

Plantation shutters would be a good option if you have differently shaped windows or if you would like to prevent heat loss out of or into your property. They are also generally seen as a more aesthetic option and they are becoming more widely used.

Consider Opening Mechanisms & Material

Shutters can be opened by remote or switch, by hand or by a spring which requires a key to open. An electronic shutter is a safe option for your home, whereas a spring-operated shutter may be more suited to commercial properties.

Shutters can also be made from different materials, including aluminium, plastic, wood and metal. Aluminium is the most commonly used due to its many uses. Wooden shutters are recommended for indoor use, due to the risk of rot. They are typically chosen for their aesthetic value. Metal shutters are very durable and are therefore effective at keeping your property safe. They are generally used for garages and commercial properties. Plastic shutters are recommended for interior use, they are long-lasting and are a great decorative option.

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Shutters can be used inside and outside buildings. The types of shutters available include roller and plantation. The shutter that you choose will dep

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