4 Reasons to Think About Having a One-Wall Kitchen

Looking for a new kitchen? Well, you'll have plenty of things to think about—from the right backsplash to the right type of sink, there's a lot that goes into planning kitchen designs. However, before you get down to the specifics, you'll need to decide on the basic kitchen layout, and one of the most popular is the one-wall design.

As the name suggests, one-wall kitchens have all their shelving, countertops, and appliances along one wall instead of spread out around the kitchen. Here are just four reasons why you should choose a one-wall design.

1. Space Saver

The most compelling reason to invest in a one-wall kitchen is the amount of space you save. All the work areas, including the fridge, dishwasher, sink, hob, and countertops, are set along one wall, so the rest of the room is left entirely open. This makes one-wall kitchens popular in smaller homes or among homeowners who want to create a large and open kitchen/living area. You'll be better able to change around the furniture in the room to suit your changing needs and wants.

2. Low Cost

New kitchens can be expensive, so it's a good idea to look for ways to cut down on costs without sacrificing quality or style. The one-wall kitchen is a great way to keep things affordable, since there's only a single bank of cabinets and worktops. This saves on materials, and there's far less labour involved in installing cabinets along one wall instead of extending them over other parts of the kitchen.

3. Easy DIY

Most people prefer letting professionals install their kitchen, but this isn't always necessary. If you're into DIY, consider opting for a one-wall kitchen and installing it yourself. Since you don't need to join up counters or make any significant changes to the property, a one-wall kitchen is relatively easy for DIY renovators to put together. In fact, you should be able to find a flatpack DIY kitchen kit from most hardware stores.

4. Convenient Workflow

One-wall kitchens are great to work from because they keep your workflow running smoothly. All the regular work areas are close together, and one-wall designs tend to be laid out in a single line that positions the hob, sink and fridge side by side, so you'll move along them naturally as you cook. At the same time, it's easy for multiple people to prepare food at the same time since one-wall kitchens are so open.

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Looking for a new kitchen? Well, you'll have plenty of things to think about—from the right backsplash to the right type of sink, there's a lot that g