Important Things to Check Before Ordering Flowers for Someone

A flower arrangement is a wonderful gift to get someone for a special occasion or to let them know you're thinking of them, and having it delivered adds extra excitement to the gift. Flowers can be meaningful and romantic, and they're almost certain to put a smile on the recipient's face.

If you want to make absolutely sure that your flowers are received successfully and gratefully, and to make it as easy as possible for the person the gift is for, there are a few things you should check before you put in your order.

Does the recipient have allergies?

Allergies to pollen are common, although they're fairly minor in most people. For some, however, the itchy, sore eyes, runny nose and sneezing can be quite severe. People with bad pollen allergies aren't likely to enjoy having flowers in their home, making them feel unwell.

With that said, some flowers are worse than others, and there are a few varieties that all but the most allergic are fine with. Talk to your florist and see what they recommend, or try to subtly find out about the recipient's own feelings on the matter.

Do they own a vase?

Since flowers need to be put in water as soon as they're delivered, it's important that the person receiving them has a vase. While most people acquire one at some point, not everyone has one.

If the person you're buying flowers for doesn't own a vase, or if you're not sure whether they do or not, you may be able to get one included in the delivery. Otherwise, perhaps you could buy one to give to them in person or get one delivered from elsewhere on the same day as the flowers.

Are they going to be in on the delivery day?

It's important that flower deliveries can be received at the right time because they can start to look past their best if they're left for too long.

Although your delivery company may make multiple attempts to get the flowers to the recipient or be able to work out alternative arrangements, it's best if you can make sure the person is at home to receive them the first time around. If they're at work, you could get them delivered to there instead.

Do they have pets?

Some plants are poisonous to cats or dogs, so pet owners should be aware of the dangers. Although most people will keep their flowers out of reach of their pets, it may be best to avoid some of the ones that can affect cats and dogs the worst, like lilies.

Once you are able to answers these questions, there are many flower arrangement delivery services you can rely on to send beautiful flowers to the ones you care for.

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