Three ways to make your home more secure

If you feel unsafe in your home, here are three steps you may want to take to make it more secure.

Replace the existing exterior doors with security doors

Most burglars gain entry to properties via their front or back doors. As such, if you are worried about the possibility of having your home broken into, you might want to consider removing your current exterior doors and replacing them with security doors.

Security doors come with special lock mechanisms that are virtually impossible to snap or pick with tools. They are also usually made from very robust materials and are a lot thicker than standard exterior doors; this means that even if a burglar is very strong and attempts to use physical force to break open the door, it is unlikely that they will succeed.

Doors of this kind are generally more expensive than traditional doors; however, the money you spend on them should be viewed as an investment, which will not only provide you with peace of mind and allow you to feel safe and at ease in your own home, but will also reduce the chances of your valuable belongings being stolen by a burglar.

Add sensor lights to your exterior pathways

If you have pathways that lead up to the front and the back of your home, you may want to fit some ground sensor lights along the edges of these pathways.

In addition to making it easier for you and other household members to navigate your way to and from the house late at night, these lights will enable you to get a good look at any strangers who approach your property after dark.

This, in turn, will give you time to determine if they look suspicious and if you need to contact the police, or whether or not you should answer the door when they knock.

Keep your valuables hidden away

Experienced burglars will often spend time peering through the windows of properties that they are thinking about breaking into, in order to check if the properties have any valuables that are worth stealing. If they notice that a specific house has a lot of expensive items in plain sight, they will usually choose to target that property.

As such, unless you are willing to keep your curtains closed all day long, it is important to be mindful about where you store your valuables and to try to minimise the number of expensive items that you keep out on display.

Things like cash, expensive jewellery, and valuable family heirlooms should be kept in a lockable storage box or a safe. Any item that you need to access on a daily basis (such as high-end gadgets or sports equipment) should be stowed away in cabinets when they are not in use.

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