Maintenance Guidelines to Help You Prolong the Lifespan of Your Outdoor, Canvas Awnings

Outdoor awnings add oomph to the kerb appeal of your home and provide priceless functional space. However, mould, tears and other problems can easily ruin your canvas awnings. However, you can observe essential maintenance guidelines to prolong the lifespan of your canvas awnings. Below are some tips that you may find helpful.

Retract your canvas awnings

If you want to maintain the high quality of your canvas awnings, then it's advisable that you retract the awnings every time they're not in use. Remember that weather elements, such as snow and sunlight, increase the rate at which canvas awnings age and wear out.

You can lessen the struggle of opening and retracting awnings if you invest in easy-to-close options. Retractable and roll-up canvas awnings are a great outdoor option you may want to consider. The motors and switches of these awnings make it easy for you to keep roll them up when they're not in use. Consult a professional awnings provider to set-up for you the most convenient retractable awnings for your home.

Observe necessary cleaning precautions for your awnings

Clean out debris and grime

Your canvas awnings will deteriorate faster than you expect if you let grime and dirt build up on the surface. Also, debris easily gets into the motors of folding awnings and can eventually cause damage to the motor system. It's advisable that you clean your awnings annually or at least once every two years. However, if dirt is likely to accumulate on your awnings quickly, then you may want to at least clear out dirt and debris with a broom more often.

Clean out mould

Clean out mould as soon as it forms on your canvas. Mould forms stubborn stains on canvas awnings and depletes the waterproof ability of the surface. Consequently, your canvas awnings become twice as likely to rot and tear. You can buy an appropriate canvas mould remover or detergent from a professional awnings accessories provider and clean off mould as soon as it appears.

Use a sealant

It's necessary that you apply a canvas sealant on your awnings after cleaning. Canvas sealant protects the canvas from weather damage and prolongs its lifespan. Consider consulting an awnings provider who may advise you the best canvas awning sealant to use.

Canvas outdoor awnings are a great utility and can serve you for long if you observe proper maintenance guidelines. The tips above on proper canvas awnings maintenance can help you prolong the lifespan and maintain the lustre of your outdoor awnings.

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