Important Factors to Consider When Selecting Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows fall under the broader category of insulated glass units. These units are made of multiple panels of glass that have a specific material installed in-between these separate panels. Insulated glass units are popular because they can be used to insulate noise, conserve energy, and add durability to structures.

Double-glazed windows are perhaps the most commonly used insulated glass units. They consist of two or more glass panels that contain an insulating material in-between. The final product is then fitted into a window frame to suit various applications. When selecting double-glazed windows for your premises, there are several important factors to consider.

Energy efficiency

If you're thinking of installing double-glazed windows to achieve energy efficiency, make sure the insulating material between the glass panels is capable of preventing leaking air. Indeed, double-glazed windows are known for their ability to promote energy efficiency.

To get the best results, select windows that have sealed air between the glass panels. An airtight layer creates a thermal insulation that prevents air coming in or leaving the premises. This often results in lower cooling costs during the summer and lower heating costs during the winter.

Sound insulation

Double-glazed windows are also a common choice for insulating sound. The thicker window surface prevents sound waves from entering or leaving the premises. If you're loud and you want to minimise noise to your neighbours, you should consider double-glazed windows with thick panels. Thicker panels are more effective at disrupting the free flow of sound waves in and out of the premises.

Sound insulation can also be improved by using gas as the insulating material. Argon is a good choice for a sound-insulating material that can fit in-between glass panels.


If you're looking for double-glazed windows that add security to your premises, you should consider thicker panels incorporated into the window design. These will offer a highly durable and stable structure that is not easily penetrable by unwanted people.

The spacer that is present between glass panels can also influence durability. Spacers made of metal (as opposed to polymer strips) offer additional durability to the windows and make them more resistant to breakage.

In addition, selecting the right spacing material can prevent moisture build-up in between the glass panels.  Consider metal and polymer spacers that contain a drying agent to prevent condensation within the glass surface. 

Aesthetic appeal

If you're going for an attractive look for your double-glazed windows, consider the type of glass that is used. Laminated glass is a flexible material that can be crafted into many different designs.

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