En Suite Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

An en suite refers to a bedroom with an attached bathroom, with the door to the bathroom being in the bedroom itself, and not in the hallway. These arrangements are very popular for master bedrooms, for guest bedrooms, and for those who may have a parent or other roommate staying with them. Whatever your needs for creating an en suite in your home, note a few mistakes that you'll want to avoid during any such renovation, and this will ensure you end up with a stunning suite you love, and that is as functional as it is beautiful.


If your bedroom has a large closet, you might assume that you can forego storage in the new bathroom area you're creating, but this can be a mistake. You typically don't want to walk across the bedroom to get a fresh towel or your bathrobe before taking a shower, and can easily forget to also retrieve your hairdryer and other such needed items every morning. This can make your en suite more cumbersome than convenient for you. To avoid this hassle, be sure you consider the storage needed in the bathroom area before your renovation. You might even cut into the bedroom area to create a linen closet or built-in shelves for the bathroom area, so that everything you need is conveniently located.

Too open

You may like the look of an open and airy space in the bedroom, and of a very roomy bathroom, but be careful about creating a space that's doesn't offer enough privacy with your new en suite. You may be considering removing the door to the bathroom and just adding extra walls and an open doorway that flows from the bedroom into the bathroom area, but this can make the space uncomfortable for use. If anything, you might want to consider adding extra privacy and sound insulation when creating an en suite; this can include a partition next to the toilet and a thicker door to the bathroom that fits snugly in the frame, to ensure the space is private and comfortable for use.


When the bathroom door leads right to the bedroom, you might want to consider adding a stronger ventilation fan in the space, rather than assuming a basic fan will be sufficient. Steam from a shower and hot air from a hairdryer can waft into the bedroom area every time someone uses the bathroom, and make both spaces very uncomfortable. A stronger fan, and even a window if possible, can be a good choice for any en suite in your home.

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