Mistakes to Avoid When Having a New Kitchen Installed

If you're having a new home built or are tearing out your home's current kitchen and having a new kitchen installed, this gives you the chance to create a space that you'll really love and that will work for all your cooking and entertaining needs. While you may be excited about choosing the cabinetry and new benchtops, you'll also want to ensure you avoid some common mistakes in the kitchen's design and appearance so the space is one that you'll truly love. Consider some of the mistakes that you'll want to discuss with your contractor or designer before they finalize their plans.

All white

White is a very popular colour for kitchens, as it's often associated with cleanliness and hygienic surfaces. A white kitchen can also seem larger and brighter, and the colour easily reflects light, so you have sufficient illumination while prepping food, reading cookbooks and so on. However, too much white can seem sterile and unwelcoming and make the kitchen seem bland. It can be good to break up the colour with a warmer benchtop shade or tone, or even with matte black handles on the cabinets and drawers. This will ensure the white of the kitchen doesn't seem overpowering and that the space is inviting as well as clean and bright.

Ease of cleaning

You might have your heart set on granite benchtops, stone flooring or other such materials for the surfaces of the kitchen. It's good to choose items that are attractive and that fit your taste, but note the ease of cleaning these surfaces as well. Even granite can get damaged by food stains and water spills, and some tile materials may be more porous than others, so they will absorb stains and spills as well. Always note the ease of cleaning any material rather than choosing by appearance or even price alone, so your kitchen is always as clean as possible.

Forgetting trash, cleaning supplies, and other items

Your kitchen is probably used most for food prep and storage and obviously for cooking, but it may also be where you keep your home's cleaning supplies, supplies for the pets and of course trash and recycling bins. Don't forget to include a planned space for all these items in the kitchen so you can hide the trash away and make sure it's properly contained, and have an accessible area for pet food and their accessories, cleaning utensils and whatever else you may store in the kitchen besides food.

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