Features to Include In Your New Custom Kitchen

If you're having a custom kitchen designed for your home, you want to ensure you take the time to consider all your options for appliances, storage and everything else you'll need in that space. A kitchen needs to be functional for everyday food prep, but it should also be comfortable to work in and should work for your needs in particular. To ensure your custom kitchen doesn't omit anything you'll want for that space, note a few features to discuss with your architect or designer, and to consider including in your new kitchen.

Drawer dishwasher

A drawer dishwasher is more compact than a standard built-in model, and less obtrusive. This is a good choice for those who may often have smaller loads of dishes that need washing; you won't waste as much space for the dishwasher, and also won't use as much water for each load of dishes.

Pot filler

A pot filler refers to a separate faucet that is installed over the stovetop, and which is taller or sits higher along the wall than your standard faucet. As the name implies, it's used for filling pots of water right on the stove, which is a good choice for those who often use large pots of water for cooking. With a pot filler, you don't need to worry about bringing heavy pots of water from the sink to the stove every time you cook.

Deep drawer

Rather than stacking your pots and pans in a cupboard, with the items in the back virtually inaccessible, have a deep drawer installed in a lower cabinet. A deep drawer allows you to line up pots and pans, with their lids on, for easier organizing and storage. Pulling out the drawer also then also gives you full access to the entire space, as you're having to reach into the back areas of a cupboard for the pans you need.

Utensil racks

If your kitchen is smaller or lacking adequate storage drawers for any reason, utensil racks might be worked into the design. These racks can be placed along the wall behind the stovetop, or under an upper cabinet. They are outfitted with hooks to hold all the utensils you need for cooking and food prep, so you can open up drawer space and also keep these items better organized, avoiding a jumbled mess in a utensil drawer. Having these racks worked into your design can ensure they aren't in the way of food prep, and can ensure they look cohesive with the rest of your new kitchen design.

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