How to Improve Your Home's Overall Guttering and Drainage System

Your home's overall guttering and drainage system is very important, as rain that pools in gutters will collect around the edge of the roof, potentially causing moss to grow under or around the roofing tiles. Rainwater might also run down the side of the home, damaging its brickwork or aluminium siding. Also, if rainwater doesn't run away from the home after it exits the downspouts, it can then collect around the home's foundation and cause cracks and leaks. To avoid these risks, note a few ways to improve your home's overall guttering and drainage system.

Widen and guard the gutters

Old gutters that are very narrow may easily allow water to collect and pool around the roof's edge. If you have trees that hang over the home's roof, you also have more risk of leaves, twigs, acorns, and the like collecting in the gutters, and causing them to flood. Have wider gutters installed and add a gutter guard to keep out all that debris, and to keep the gutters flowing freely.

Add rocks

If you notice that water tends to splash in every direction when it exits the downspouts of your home, you might add river rocks or slate under the downspouts. River rocks are flat and smooth, and you can create a path with these toward the street outside your home. The water will follow this path of the rocks and not splash around as it pours out the downspouts.

Slate is a type of rock that is very large and flat, and very durable. You might stack slate pieces under the downspouts, staggering them to create the appearance of steps leading up to the downspout. This will also encourage the water to follow this path and move away from the home, toward the street.


If you don't like the look of rocks or slate under your home's downspouts, but do like the look of greenery, plant some vegetation that needs more water to grow; this will help absorb any rainwater that collects under the downspouts, or that might splash over the edge of the gutters. Plants that like marshy or very wet soil include any variety of irises, cattail or horsetail, and rush plants. Dogwood and holly are two varieties of shrubs that like moist soil, if you prefer the look of bushes next to the home. For something sweet and colourful, you might plant a Japanese maple, pear tree, or apple tree near the downspouts, to help absorb that extra water runoff.

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