How to Update and Upgrade Your Bathroom, Even On a Budget

If your bathroom is a bit old and outdated, you might think that it not only seems unsightly, but that it also feels unclean and unhygienic. You may not be imagining this, as older floor tile can hold built-up dirt and other residue that is tough to remove. Mould and mildew can also make its way into cracks and crevices along the shower area so that this area never gets clean no matter how hard you scrub. Updating your bathroom can make it feel fresh and new, but if you're on a budget, note a few tips on how to do this without breaking the bank and without needing to completely tear up the space.

Bathtub fitting

A bathtub fitting is a bathtub and shower wall all in one piece, and it's meant to literally slide right over your current tub and shower. This can then hide old and dingy tile and a tub that is losing its coating, or that has discoloured with age.  

This fitting is usually very affordable, as you don't need to pull out the old bathtub to have it installed, and the shower tiles don't need to be installed in individual sections. A bathtub fitting can then make your entire bath and shower area seem fresh and new, at a fraction of the cost of a separate tub and new tile.

New flooring

Many types of bathroom tile are applied with a peel-and-stick backing so that you can put them right over the current flooring without first tearing it up. A soft rubber tile can be easily cut to fit around the toilet and sink so that you don't need an actual tile cutter or specialty saw. This is an easy, affordable DIY option that can give you a fresh new bathroom floor in no time!

Shower screen

Old, outdated shower curtains and liners can seem dingy before too long and are often covered with mildew and hard water stains. Removing and replacing them with a glass shower screen can then make the bathroom seem fresh and clean. A frameless shower screen will also help to make the bathroom seem larger, and you can get one that is just a stationary section of glass, with an opening along one edge, so that you don't need room for a hinged door. Since shower screens are easy to clean and are meant to resist mould, mildew and hard water stains, your bathroom will always look and feel clean and new.

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