How to Dress Up the Roller Shades You Choose for Your Home

Roller blinds are perfect for any room of your home, as they're compact and fit right in the window frame, so they won't overpower a space or compete with nearby furniture for needed clearance. They're especially good for those who prefer a minimalist look in their home, without the volume and heaviness of thick drapes and curtains. However, you don't want your roller shades to be dull in appearance or cumbersome to operate, so note a few tips on how to choose the best shades and how to dress them up a bit as well:

Keep them sheer

If you have a nice view out a particular window, consider roller shades that are a bit sheer. This can allow you to see some of that view even when the shades are closed. Your windows then won't be dull and bland, and you can still enjoy a bit of the moonlight, the outline of a cityscape, or another view out the room's window even when the shades are closed.

Add sheers in front of them

If you love the clean look of roller shades but find that they're just a bit impersonal, and want to add some softness to the windows, add sheers in front of the shades. Sheers are very thin, lightweight curtain panels typically made of nylon or linen. Sheers come in a wide range of colour tones, and their lighter weight allows them to billow in a breeze, which offers a relaxing look for a room. This very light fabric can add just the right amount of softness to your shades without detracting from their clean look.

Motorize them

A row of roller shades opened to different heights can be very unsightly, so consider adding a motor to the roller itself. A motor allows you to easily open a shade and ensure that all the shades along a wall are level and even, creating a nice line that doesn't detract from the appearance of the windows.

Add a cornice box

A cornice box is a simple panel that is added to the top of the window; it is usually covered with fabric, or it can be plain wood or any other material. This panel can hide the roller mechanism of the blind, and also add a touch of softness to the window. A cornice box is very easy to make, or you can purchase them from home supply stores and simply attach them to the top of the windows with simple brackets, for a finished and polished look.

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