Pros and Cons of Different Outdoor Furniture Materials

When it comes to the outdoor furniture you choose for your porch, patio, or deck, you need to carefully consider the material of those pieces, and not just the style or look. Different materials will be more durable than others, and some may be more comfortable. Some materials can be painted for when you want a new look to your patio, but others cannot. To ensure you make the best choice for any outdoor seating area, consider some pros and cons of a few common choices for outdoor furniture materials.


Metal is obviously very durable, and it may be one of your best choices if you have pets who tend to scratch at furniture, or who might even chew on it. You can also typically recolor the furniture with a spray paint that is meant for metal in particular.

However, you do need to shop carefully for metal furniture; aluminium is naturally rust resistant, but if you get low-quality steel pieces that are not coated or sealed properly, they may eventually rust over time. They will then need repair or even outright replacing. Metal also may not be very comfortable for sitting and may hold heat when in direct sunlight, so you would need to invest in lots of cushions for your metal furniture pieces.


Teak is very strong and durable and also very comfortable. It does change colour over time, eventually developing a greyish patina; this can be a pro or a con, depending on whether or not you like that aged look.

It can be a mistake to use teak on a wood deck, as different wood species may tend to clash; metal, wicker, or another material may be a better option against any metal flooring. It's also difficult to paint teak, as the material is very dense and doesn't hold a paint colour very easily.


Wicker is very comfortable, as it has some "give" when you sit down, and you can also repaint wicker outdoor furniture yourself. Because the material is so durable, you can wash wicker with a power washer. Any sagging or unravelling of the wicker can also be fixed somewhat easily.

The material also has the advantage of coordinating with just about any deck or patio flooring, including timber, stone pavers, concrete, and the like. The lighter weight of wicker also makes it easy to move it around your outdoor space, or move it in and out of the garage or shed for storage and protection.

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