How to Add Style and Function to Your Home's Interior With Custom-Made Doors

Custom-made doors can spruce up any room of your home, as they can add more visual interest and personality than just bland doors you buy at a home supply store. Custom doors can even add more function to a space, and work better for certain entryways than generic, store-bought doors. Note how custom doors can work in your home, so you know what to discuss with your custom door maker.

Wood doors

If your home has a lot of exposed wood features, such as wood trim around the windows and doorways or timber floors, it can be difficult to find a wood door that complements those features. The wrong species of wood, or the wrong stain colour, can make a wood door outright clash with the floor or its own frame. A custom door in the same species of wood, and covered in the same stain or paint, can match perfectly, and make your entire home seem coordinated and pulled together.

Small spaces

In small and crowded rooms, a door might always bump a table or something else in its way when you open it. In a hallway, that door may actually bump into a person on the other side! A custom door can be made to avoid these problems; a door with two separate, slim panels that swing out from the middle will require less clearance to open. A barn-style door with rollers that move along a track on the top of the door slides side to side, rather than swinging out at all. Your custom door maker can typically offer a number of options for a door that works better in any small or awkward space, or in a busy hallway of your home.


A custom door can provide you with needed privacy in a space; for example, if you have turned the family dining room into a home office, without a door to that room, you may be bothered by surrounding noise. A custom door maker can create a door, or a set of sliding door panels, to fit the existing doorway between the living and dining areas.

Partitions can also be made by a custom door maker to fit the middle of a room, such as in a shared bedroom, or in a great room with the dining and living area combined. These doors not only add privacy and sound absorption, but they can also provide another wall area for hanging shelves and other needed storage accessories.

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