4 Things You Should Consider When Planning for Shade Sails

The most important step that one should take when he or she wants to install shade sails on his or her property is to plan properly for that accessory. This article discusses some of the most important things that you should consider as you plan to acquire and install shade sails.

The Sun's Movement

You will get the greatest value from your shade sail if you plan its installation in such a way that the harsh sun will be kept at bay. For example, you should orient the shade sail in such a way that the area will be protected throughout the day as the sun moves from the east to the west. Account for those months when the sun will be high in the sky (summer solstice).

Sail Size

How large is the area that you would like to cover with the shade sail? Determining how large that area is will help you to decide how large the shade sail that you order should be. Remember that the shade sail should be smaller than the area that you want to cover. This will make it possible for you to tension that shade sail properly so that it doesn't flap in the wind. For example, the shade sail that you buy can be about 30cm smaller than the area that you wish to cover.

Types of Posts

You should think about how you intend to use the shade sail before you select the material from which the posts should be made. For example, you can buy wooden posts in case you will be moving the shade sail to different installation locations. Wood is okay in this case because you can buy fresh posts during each installation job. Steel posts may be inappropriate in such a case because their corrosion protection can be damaged in the process of removing them in order to use them in another location. Metallic posts are the best to use if you don't foresee any relocation of the shade sail.

Buried Utilities

You should be sure that your ideal installation site is free from any buried utilities, such as water and power lines. This is necessary because it is normally better to avoid attaching the shade sails to your house or any existing structure. The stress exerted on the shade sail by the wind can gradually weaken any structure onto which the sail was anchored. Selecting a site that is free from buried service lines will avert the risks associated with damaging those lines when it is time to dig holes for the posts.

The process of planning for the installation will be comprehensive if you have all the relevant information about the project. It is therefore better to talk to several suppliers of shade sails so that you can learn all that you need to know before you start planning for that installation.

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